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March 19, 2019




Let’s face it: the real estate market’s lack of transparency was, at one point in time, anything but helpful for first-time homebuyers. But that’s all in the past (thank goodness). 


Today, CMPs, or content marketing platforms, are helping realtors grab the attention of prospective clients and win them over. Traditional media isn’t really needed anymore; homes, condos, and practically any other form of real estate can be marketed in bigger and better ways now. 


With a real estate magazine, for example, agents can provide useful and interesting content to potential homebuyers without the fluff.  



Why are real estate magazines so valuable? 


Digital real estate magazines are interactive, meaning viewers can view listed properties in engaging and exciting new ways. They’re easy to access, measurable, and highly effective conversion tools. Agents can engage wider audiences by adding video, audio, slideshows, links, and many other interactive elements to their online publications.


A digital real estate magazine engages with your audience and turns that engagement into profitable customer action. Here are some quick and easy ways you can start creating your own magazine



Create a real estate magazine by uploading a PDF file


Some content marketing platforms enable users to upload PDF files with pre-existing content and convert them into interactive real estate magazines for clients within seconds. 



Realtors can then add interactive elements like videos, links, feedback/contact forms, rating plugins, and social sharing buttons to their content once the conversion process is completed.



Choose a template or upload an existing PDF.

Start creating your real estate magazine now!




Create a magazine from a template


If you don’t have a PDF file at the ready, you can choose a predesigned template instead. Every good idea needs a place to start, and content marketing platforms give realtors lots of options to work with. Choose a template, customize it, and create the right look for your brand. 



More features to consider


Branding: more and more agents are turning to content marketing platforms to make a stronger brand impact. Real estate agents can include their logos in digital magazines, change the background colors of magazine viewers, and upload custom themes.


One-click updates: edit published magazines with one click and in real-time. No reuploads required.


Lead generation: add interactive and fully customizable pop-ups to your realtor magazine. Embed email subscription forms, hotspot links to external websites, generate leads from your own domain, and use built-in CRM systems to manage your contacts.


Distribution: publish magazines on social media, embed them on personal websites, link publications to registered domains, or order custom branded apps and publish content on the App Store and Google Play.


Analytics: know what’s converting and pulling in new leads. A handful of content marketing platforms feature fully integrated analytics that measure your magazine’s performance, including content, traffic, geolocation, and device insights. 



Sample publications


Don’t just take our word for it; here are some stylish examples of what real estate agents and agencies are already creating on the Internet. 



 JLL Ambitions Magazine 


  Coldwell Banker | Global Luxury 


Real Estate Weekly



Colliers International







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