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The Power of Print

March 23, 2016


 You’ve heard it a thousand times by now: print is dead. And considering today’s digi-centric world (with smartphone and laptop usage dominating our lives), you’d think this was true. But, according to many industry experts today, the print business is far from kicking the bucket.


Let’s first look at some of the cons associated with print:


  • Consider production and material costs. The entire creation and distribution processes associated with print can be time, money, and labor intensive.

  • Print-only publishers also have to think about their audience, which is limited to those who must physically get their hands on the content to read it.

  • In terms of advertising, think about all those cluttered ads you see on various print media. It can be hard for readers to find your product amidst all the chaos.

  • We live in a very fast-paced world. Print media usually cannot be accessed right away and conveniently, unlike digital. Moreover, printed content cannot be edited or changed later down the road.


And then there are the pros:


  • Britt Fero, EVP of New York-based ad agency Publicis, says that “print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it. Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn’t.”

  • Fero’s observation goes hand-in-hand with the idea that people still love owning tangible, material things.

  • More focus! Check out the research below conducted by Ball State University. It shows that 85% of peoples’ attention is dedicated exclusively to physical magazines compared to their Internet/digital counterparts. That means print readers are not multitasking as much as Internet users are when viewing content (think of all those tabs you keep open when surfing the web!) 

  • Think about this too if you’re considering print: as more publishers and businesses are turning to digital publishing, it could result in more available (and cheaper) space for your print ads!




Joomag’s print-on-demand feature caters to those who haven’t given up on print. By enabling the print option after you’ve created your content, you’ll be able to set your own price and let readers enjoy beautiful hard copies of your publications. You can also let them print individual pages of your magazine, if you wish.


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