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Sell Your Digital Magazines Directly from Joomag’s Platform

July 27, 2016




There’s nothing quite like making money from your passion. It’s a very rewarding aspect of digital publishing and it’s why we here at Joomag believe that hard work pays off, literally! From our all-in-one platform, you’re able to sell your digital publications anytime you want. You can do so by:




Selling your Publications


Joomag’s comprehensive platform lets you sell individual issues of your online magazine. By enabling the “For Sale” option under the “Price” screen, you can then set the issue price and the number of preview pages readers are able to see before purchasing.



Selling Hard Copies


People LOVE owning physical, tangible things. And you’d be surprised by how many of them prefer having a physical magazine in their hands. Luckily, Joomag makes it possible by letting them order hard copies of your publication. When you select the “Enable Printing” option and set your selling price, an “Order Print” option will then appear in the magazine viewer. Clicking on it will prompt readers to select the type of hard copy they wish to order and then enter in their shipping addresses. Once they hit “Confirm,” their hard copy orders will start preparing for shipment!



Selling Subscriptions


In addition to selling individual magazine issues, Joomag also lets you sell subscriptions. You choose the subscription cycle of your magazine (1-3 months, 6 months, or 1 year), set the price for each, and you’re all set. Joomag will handle all transaction processes, ensure that new issues are automatically delivered to your subscribers, and send notifications upon expiration of subscriptions. (Check out the video tutorial here).





After you’ve set the prices for both digital and hard copy versions of your publications, Joomag will deduct 30% as part of our standard commission fee.



Discount Coupons


Give readers more reasons to come back to your content with your very own discount coupons! Simply click “Manage Coupons” from the “Subscription” tab and then “Create New Coupons.” From here, you’ll be able to specify a bunch of information relating to your coupons. Set which magazine the coupon will apply to, the number that will be generated, the percentage off with the discount, the number of coupon uses, and their expiration dates. Reward your longtime readers with exclusive discounts using these coupons!


Branded Checkout


If readers are finally ready to purchase one of your magazines, let them do so on your custom branded checkout page. Joomag’s branded checkout feature allows for deep customization by letting you place your logo on checkout pages. It’s a great way to increase both your publication and your brand’s credibility.


That’s it! Now that you know the ins and outs of Joomag’s selling capabilities, use your newfound knowledge to start turning your hard work into profit.


Create and Sell Your Digital Magazines with Joomag!


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