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Joomag's Print on Demand Feature for Your Online Publications

August 18, 2016



If you’re a smart publisher, you know just how important print on demand is. It’s a valuable feature that lets publishers produce hard copies of their publications for readers. Publishers can avoid expensive fees charged by third parties (like publishing houses) and get more of the revenue from each sold copy. Those are two pretty great benefits if you ask us!


Joomag’s “Print on Demand” Feature


You’ll be happy to know, then, that Joomag’s platform supports print on demand. Below are the multiple ways you can use the feature for your benefit.


Ordering a Hard Copy of your Online Publication


Maybe you’re incredibly proud of your publication (as you should be) and want to hold on to a physical copy of it. Or maybe you want to show off your hard work in a nice physical setting for others to see, like in an office or a bookstore. Either way, you can order a hard copy of your publication by selecting it under the “My Magazines” screen → clicking the Printing Settings icon → clicking the “Enable Printing” option and then the“ORDER HARD COPY” button.


The next popup window will show the preview of your hardcopy. Once you’re done reviewing it, click the “NEXT STEP” button. Use the “Quantity” field to enter the number of hard copies you want to order, specify the size of the hardcopy, and click the “NEXT STEP” button.


The subsequent screen will let you specify your shipping information. Once you click the “NEXT STEP” button here, you’ll then be able to verify and place your order. (Check out the video tutorial here).


Enabling Ordering of Hard Copies


Of course, readers of your publication can also order a hard copy for themselves. It would be the wise thing to do, since a lot of people still prefer having a physical magazine in their hands.So let’s try it out, shall we? Simply select your publication under the “My Magazines” screen → click the Printing Settings icon → clicking the “Enable Printing” option → set your price (note that Joomag will deduct 30% as part of our commission fee) → and then click the “SAVE AND CLOSE” button when you’re done. Congratulations– you just gave readers the option to order your publication!


Show/Hide Print and Download Icons in the Magazine Viewer


If you’re worried that the print and download icons will take up too much room in the magazine viewer, why not hide them? Here’s how: select your publication and click the “Edit Settings” button → go to the VIEWER tab → find the Print and Download options and check or uncheck them depending on if you want their icons to appear. The screenshot below shows where these options are. 




Pretty easy, right? Joomag’s print on demand feature is flexible and gives you 3 unique ways to apply it to your publication. Always remember: there’s a huge demographic for print. So you’re doing the right thing by giving readers the option to print out your killer content!


If this article made you think about having printed version of your online publications, read also our blog post “The Power of Print“.


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