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Win More Business with a Real Estate Brochure

creating a real estate brochure

A physical brochure is a great way to find a home that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. For realtors, however, it’s a powerful tool for establishing contact with potential homebuyers.

But what does a digital brochure say about you as a real estate professional? It says you mean business. It says you’re serious about your brand and that you’re ready to meet the needs of clients who are turning to the Internet to find their dream homes.

A digital brochure is every realtor’s best friend. Here’s why.

Digital brochures sport rich interactivity and provide more real estate (pun intended) for detailed presentations. Agents can offer more information about specific homes or describe their hobbies to create personal connections with clients. With embedded media, digital brochures can help prospective buyers gauge their levels of interest before they request a property showing (saving them time in the process).

Create a real estate brochure by uploading a PDF

And the best part? Getting started is easy. Some creative content marketing platforms let realtors upload their existing PDF files and convert them into interactive publications, for example.

PDF upload

After the conversion process is completed, users can then add interactive media like videos, audio files, and slideshows to their content.

interactive plugins and tools

Create a brochure from a template

If PDF files aren’t your thing, online templates might be. Any realtor with a creative eye can design brochures in attractive, cost-effective ways now. Templates are everywhere, and in most cases they’ll help you find inspiration for free. Showcase several different properties by choosing an existing template and modifying it. Add your logo, bio, contact info, photos, videos, property descriptions, listing prices, and any other important information.

Real Estate Brochure templates

More features to consider

We’re living in the digital age, which means your real estate brochure has to impress potential clients (and fast). Here are some important features to consider when creating yours:

  • Branding: things like adding your logo or changing the background colors of viewers can go a long way toward authenticating your brand.

  • One-click updates: if you’re in real estate, you’re busy. So edit published brochures in real-time and free up your schedule a little. No more reuploads!

  • Lead generation: generate leads directly from your brochure. Many platforms allow users to add lead gen pop-ups to their content, embed email subscription forms, hotspot links to external websites, and use built-in CRM systems to manage contacts.

  • Distribution: get your name out there. Publish digital brochures on social media, embed them on personal websites, link publications to registered domains, order custom branded apps, and publish content on the App Store and Google Play for maximum exposure.

  • Analytics: your brochure can impact your bottom line, but you’ll never know how without the right data. That’s why it’s always a good idea to measure your content’s performance.

create real estate brochure

Real estate brochure examples

The Internet’s packed with real estate brochures. Here are three we can’t stop looking at:

Real estate brochure examples

Oakwood Worldwide Brochure

Real estate brochure examples

Tehaleh Community Brochure

Real Estate Brochure

Broadmoor Bonanza Brochure

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