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Share Your Magazine with Others

share magazine

Earlier this month we announced the release of our magazine privacy settings, that made it possible to protect magazines, as well as make them private or unlisted. Today we are here to give you more control over your publications!

With the new sharing wizard, you’re now able to invite your friends, colleagues and customers to see your publication even if it’s private! So with the help of our privacy and sharing settings you’ll be able to work out any kind of scenario, like showing the draft version to your friends before going online, creating publications for your clients and even distributing complimentary magazines for your advertisers.

share magazine

The “Link” button in "My Magazines" has been replaced with the “Share” button, which will take you to the new sharing wizard. Here you’ll be able to grab the link to your publication, share it on social networks and invite people to access your magazine.

Inviting is as easy as specifying the email address of the end user.

share magazine

We hope you like our new magazine sharing feature and we’re looking forward to your comments.

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