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Get Real-Time Analytics for Your Online Magazine

Joomag analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And when it comes to online publishing, measuring your publication’s performance is necessary to make it better. Real-time analytics let you do just that and provide the means for publishers to determine what is and isn’t working with their online content.

Joomag’s real-time analytics

Joomag’s tracking analytics provide you with critical information to shape your content. With this insight, your digital publications will never stop improving. Joomag’s real-time analytics include:

Geolocations: focus your marketing and advertising efforts by pinpointing the geographic regions of your readers. Joomag geolocation metric comes with a map overlay feature that lets you glean detailed information about your readers, like the cities they are living in.

Device Information: the first step is optimizing your content for mobile devices. The second step is using Joomag’s “Device” metric to determine which platforms are used most by readers to access your content. And the third– understanding the share of your audience who prefer mobility.

Traffic Sources: With 4 unique traffic source metrics, Joomag’s real-time analytics are the perfect solution for analyzing different sources that send traffic to your publication. The search traffic metric, for example, tells you which search engines drive the most traffic. Referral traffic lists which domains and domain pages are referring traffic to your site (and how much). With the direct traffic metric, you’ll know how much traffic comes to your publication directly. Your campaigns are important, too. So get to know which ones are the most helpful and drive the most traffic with the campaigns metric.

Content Analytics: you’ve put in a lot of effort with your publication, so use Joomag’s real-time analytics to understand how it’s resonating with your readers. If you have links embedded into your publication, you can see how many clicks they receive with the links metric. Daily views displays the number of unique daily impressions your publication gets. Arguably one of the most important metrics is average session duration, which lets you know exactly how long readers are staying with your magazine pages. With the downloads statistic, keep track of how many times the offline PDF version of your publication is downloaded. And with pageviews, you’ll know which pages of your magazine are read most and how many of them are read by users on average. You won’t find this information with Google Analytics!

Subscriber Analytics: Your subscribers contribute greatly to your publishing success. It’s all the more reason to pay attention to them and how they’re subscribed to your content with Joomag’s real-time analytics. From the Awesome CRM, you’ll be able to see subscribers’ active subscriptions and additional usage behavior, like those who have purchased your issues and those who have unsubscribed from them. Use this information to find out which types of campaigns to conduct so you can reach out to your readership in the best ways possible.

Joomag’s golden rule is this: the more interactive your magazine is, the more people are going to want to read it! Use our real-time analytics to understand how well your magazine is performing, tweak your content, and become the best at what you do— digital publishing!

Keep All of the Above-mentioned Tips in Mind and

Start Creating Your Digital Magazines Now!

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