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Selling Publications in Multiple Currencies with Joomag

selling publications

As a digital publisher, what’s one smart way to expand your market presence and appeal to a wider demographic? Sell your publications internationally. Joomag’s emphasis on global distribution now gives publishers the opportunity to sell their work in 24 currencies.

To begin, you’ll first need to log into your Joomag account and select the magazine you wish to sell. Then click the “Subscription Settings” icon from the magazine page. Once you enable the “Paid Subscription” option for your publication, set the frequency and the subscription cycle as well as the prices for single issues or packages (shown below).

selling publications

Remember that Joomag deducts a 30% commission from the Starter plan, 20% from Pro, and 10% from Business and higher.

To view your proceeds after commission, click the blue “See All Tiers” button (shown in the image above). A chart will appear displaying the different tiers, prices, and proceeds after commission is taken out. Note that you will also see 23 other types of currencies in this chart besides the US dollar (USD).

selling publications

Depending on which country the reader is visiting from, the price of the issue/subscription will be automatically displayed in that country’s currency. For all countries not listed in our Tier List, the prices will be displayed in USD.

If you are selling in a different currency besides the US dollar, be sure to refer to this chart to help you pick the appropriate tier.

All earnings from sales will be converted into USD/EUR and transferred to your Joomag account balance on the last day of each month. Payments made with EUR will be converted into USD with the exchange rate of the day of the transfer. (Check out the video tutorial on setting up paid subscriptions here).

Tell Us How It Goes

You’re one step closer to becoming an international digital publishing rock star! So feel free to tell us how your global selling endeavors turn out. Reach out to us on our social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google +. And don’t forget about our 24/7 live chat team; we absolutely love hearing all of your feedback!

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