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Plugins: The Perfect Publication Add-ons

Joomag plugins and add-ons

How your content is presented is just as important as how it’s written. Readers are not only looking for an engaging text but interactivity as well. It’s a huge advantage that digital publishing holds over print and it’s possible with add-ons and plugins. With Joomag plugins and add-ons, you can make your online publications more interactive and engaging.

Joomag lets you pick from a host of interactive, fully customizable plugins to include throughout your publications. Choose one or choose them all– it doesn’t matter because either way your readers will love the added interactivity!

We’ve put together a quick list cataloging our plugins, what they do, and why you should try each:


A star-based rating system that lets you know how much readers are enjoying your content.

Why should I use this? It’s an invaluable measuring tool that can be integrated anywhere throughout your publication. Place a rating plugin on every single page or the last one only to see how much readers like your material. You can also determine how many stars will appear and readers will be able to rate your work directly from the page(s). Our video tutorial will help you place a Rating Plugin in your online magazine.

Joomag plugins and add-ons


Let your awesome publication go viral by letting users share it on their Facebook pages.

Why should I use this? Everyone’s on Facebook because it’s the #1 social networking site in the world! Here’s how it works: after you’ve placed this plugin on any page, your readers will be able to click on it and a popup will appear asking them to log into their Facebook accounts. Once they do, your publication will then appear as a mini-viewer on their Facebook pages. Now that’s great exposure! Check out our video tutorial about placing a Facebook share plugin in your digital magazine.

Joomag plugins and add-ons


Your audience can give you live responses when reading through your content.

Why should I use this? Criticism is crucial to success. By using this plugin, your readers can provide you with invaluable feedback that you can use to tweak your content. If you have advertisers working with your publication, you can even let them communicate with readers directly. For example, if BMW placed an ad on your page, you can use a feedback form to let the car company email your readers directly and vice versa. All that’s required to get started are their names and email addresses. Our video tutorial will help you add the Feedback Form plugin to your online magazine.

Joomag plugins and add-ons


Start live conversations between you and your readers.

Why should I use this? What’s better than giving your readers amazing content to read? How about letting them chat with you while they do so? Because that’s exactly what this plugin does. They’ll need to enter in their names and hit “login” to start chatting with you via a chat box that can be placed anywhere on your page. Get help in placing the Shout Box plugin by watching our video tutorial.

Joomag plugins and add-ons


Let readers subscribe to your publications via email.

Why should I use this? Do NOT underestimate the power of this plugin! If your readers are ready to become full-fledged subscribers (which is the goal of any publication), use this plugin to make the process easy for them. They type in their emails, hit “subscribe,” and confirm their subscription through their email. That’s all it takes to transform a reader to a subscriber! Need help on adding Email Subscribe plugin to your publications? Check out our video tutorial here.

Joomag plugins and add-ons


Your readers can leave their phone numbers for you.

Why should I use this? We know: Joomag’s not an online dating service. But we do know the importance of a phone number. Your readers may have super in-depth questions about your publication, you might have an ad in your online magazine that caught their attention, or maybe you’re producing a digital catalogue– the idea with this plugin is to connect sale opportunities with readers. If your readers actually want to speak with you, go ahead and request their phone numbers. That way you can get back to them at a better time and answer any questions they may have. Get help in adding “Call Me Back” plugin to your online magazine by watching this video tutorial.

Joomag plugins and add-ons

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