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Joomag’s Revamped Video Tutorials Available Now!

Joomag Youtube

Great news: Joomag’s extensive library of step-by-step tutorials on YouTube has been updated!

In light of recent major changes to our platform, we’ve allocated the time and resources necessary to improve our YouTube channel as well. Over 40 of our how-to videos are now presented in a visually engaging format with new animations, background music, and high-quality voice-overs. We’ve also transcribed each video and added its respective transcript to the description box (for those who prefer to read rather than watch).

Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike can dive right in and make the most out of Joomag’s platform with clear-cut on-screen instructions. Our instructional videos cover just about every topic you can imagine, and users now have access to a freshly updated resource for all things Joomag. Every tutorial has been updated and re-focused to include the Crater™ Editor’s latest functionality and to reflect our latest breakthroughs in UI and UX design.

Joomag’s tutorials include:

  • Placing interactive elements in publications

  • Working with text and images in the Crater™ Editor

  • Using grids, hotspots, and social sharing tools

  • Enabling different subscription settings

  • Adding, moving, and managing pages in a publication

  • Using Getty Images and iStock Images

  • Using Joomag’s SEO tool

  • Creating content from templates

  • Customizing the publication viewer

  • Using Joomag’s print on demand feature

… and more!

Pressed for time? Don’t worry-- our videos are short. Most are just shy of the two-minute mark, which means you’ll learn a lot more in a lot less time. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to visit our Help Center or contact Joomag’s live chat support team.

We encourage our fans to subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels. We’ll keep you posted on any new content and features we roll out, so be sure to check back often. Enjoy!

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