How to Create a Flipbook from InDesign

Updated: Jul 16

digital flipbook

There’s so much content out there, and accessing it all has never been easier. Innovations in digital media have spurred an unprecedented wave of new communication paradigms. Internet-enabled mobile devices, for example, not only allow for constant communication between 2 or more parties, but also empower users to consume content wherever and whenever they want to.

The future is now.

A changing media landscape isn’t anything new, but its impact on the digital publishing industry certainly is. Online book and magazine sales continue to boom as the industry itself transforms into a core pillar of the modern information society. But the world keeps turning, and every day brings us new and exciting trends to follow. Take—for example—the growing popularity of the flipbook.

digital flipbook

Flipbooks: they’re flippin’ awesome.

What is a flipbook? A flipbook is a digital publication that mimics the look and feel of an actual, physical book. Businesses typically use them as replacements for standard PDFs and paper documents like magazines, reports, books, brochures and catalogs. They’re great, but many people still appreciate the intricacies of flipping from one page to another. Don’t worry: flipbooks retain the same page-flipping experience we’ve all come to know and love!

With Joomag, publishers can convert any InDesign magazine, catalog, brochure

or document into an HTML5 flipbook.

Here’s how:

The Joomag Enhancer is a new tool that lets publishers quickly convert PDFs into digital flipbooks and enhance them with interactive elements. It’s a faster, more intuitive way to customize static PDFs and turn them into dynamic, eye-catching publications. And the best part? A few clicks is all it takes.

The Joomag Enhancer gives users the ability to add Youtube and Vimeo videos to their publications. It also includes a "Go-To page" option which lets readers jump to a specific page. Here’s the gist of how it works:

1. After you’ve created your flipbook from InDesign, save it as a PDF. Then login to your Joomag account (or sign up here) and upload it to our platform.

2. Bring your flipbook to life by adding all kinds of internal and external links, audio and videos to it.

3. Publish and distribute your new flipbook. You can embed it on your website, share it across social platforms, publish it on the Joomag Newsstand, and more.

It’s THAT easy. But here’s a thorough, step-by-step breakdown of how to convert PDFs into digital interactive flipbooks in case you need it.

Benefits of converting PDFs into HTML5 digital publications

Digital publications are available on multiple devices. And they’re responsive, too. HTML5 technology is accessible and can transform any PDF into a responsive digital publication regardless of the device being used to consume it. That’s important because 70% of web traffic is mobile (source). HTML5 enables readers to zoom in on the tiniest details and find relevant content more quickly by searching for keywords.

There’s branding. Static PDF content can’t be dynamically branded. HTML5 publications, however, can incorporate rich media that encourages viewers to interact with the content. A well-branded HTML5 publication helps your brand stand out from the crowd.

HTML5 content is interactive and engaging. An HTML5 flipbook provides a unique viewing experience. You can flip through its pages while retaining the familiar, user-friendly feel of an actual book. A colorful, eye-catching visual format further lends itself to a more engaging, “locked-in” user experience. Publishers can also add clickable videos, links, lead capture forms, and other interactive elements to provide more information about a particular product or service (great for content marketing).

Distribution is fast, easy, and cheap. Easy to edit and distribute, HTML5 flipbooks can help publishers cut down on print, distribution, marketing, and advertising costs. Use share links, embed publications anywhere, or leverage various email marketing and CRM tools that some digital publishing platforms (like Joomag) provide.

You can track everything. Data is power, and leveraging the right kind can work wonders for your business. Analytics tell meaningful stories about your content. You’ll know which parts of your publication are read most, where viewers come from, how they’re interacting with specific pages, and which links are clicked on the most. A data-driven strategy is the optimal way to improve sales and marketing outcomes.

Convert your PDF into an interactive HTML5 flipbook with Joomag!