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New Coupon Wizard

coupon wizard

Great news for all Joomag publishers and why not for all the readers as well!

Have number of attractive digital magazines and devoted subscribers but still wish to increase your readers’ interest in your publications.

No worries! Another challenge for Joomag team to work out new way to increase your magazine sales, a kind of marketing mechanism that all our publishers will only benefit from.

Till today you have been able to deliver your digital magazines embedding on your website, sharing them in different social platforms, selling single issues, subscriptions and hard copies hence you have successfully caught your readers’ eyes to increase the number of your subscribers.

Happy to announce that new coupon wizard has arrived to Joomag and it means that from now on your readers may be provided online coupons and that you will generate those coupons for your publications yourselves. It is another nice method to entice your online consumers letting them save money on their necessities.

What are the pros of online coupons you may ask?

It gives chance to encourage your readers to obtain online coupons to reach your magazines and it is very easy to implement. They are generated for single issues and subscriptions, and you are given a wide choice to decide on the amount of the coupon percentage you plan to provide.

For detailed info how to create for example subscription coupons please click here.

Keep on trusting Joomag and we will never let you regret a minute you have joined us!

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