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Joomag’s Crater™ Editor – New Shapes

Joomag Crater Editor

We pride ourselves on having the best professional Crater™ Editor. An Editor that is being enhanced pretty often with all kinds of handy tools and interactive plugins.Get ready to meet our new release of shapes that offer a clean-cut style and simplicity!

From now on Crater™ Editor comes with an array of built-in shapes, which you can use to create callouts, icons, arrows/doodles, and other shapes of nature, animals. What’s more you may even give color to the shapes you have chosen.

Choose the shape you need, simply draw it on a blank space on the page of your magazine and adjust it to your heart’s content once it is placed in your publication.Happy to announce that you may also upload your own shapes as SVG files and customize.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

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