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Three New Subscription Options


Joomag now offering publishers additional avenues to increase revenue stream.

Publishers looking for flexibility in their subscription choices need look no further than Joomag, where the company today introduced three additional subscription options. Instead of the annual-only subscriptions, Joomag now is catering to various publishing schedules, allowing publishers new avenues to increase revenue streams that also give both them and their readers the flexibility to control their online subscriptions.

Publishers can elect to offer subscriptions for two, three or six months, in addition to annual subscriptions. Those electing two- month subscriptions must plan on publishing at least six issues, and three- month subscriptions require four issues to be published. Those publishers with less than four issues would need to carry six-month or annual subscriptions.

Another key benefit to publishers choosing the flexible subscription packages is that they no longer have to create multiple magazines for different subscriptions. Now, they can manage different magazines under one title, thus improving efficiency and saving time. With today’s announcement, Joomag is stepping up its leadership role.

“Subscription selling in today’s digital marketplace has to offer more flexibility than print,” said Joomag CEO Ruben Vardanyan. “Online readers are looking for these shorter-term commitments, and we’re delighted that we can address their needs as well as provide our publishers with additional options to increase their revenue stream”.

We hear you, “Joomag… Hooray!”

We say, “You are welcome.”

Read more about Joomag’s current subscription options (frequency, packages, multi-currency, tiers, etc. ) and check out the video tutorial on setting up a paid subscription here.

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