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New Mail Template Editor

mail template editor

Joomag is here with great news for all our PRO users.

Mass Mailing, Multi-Branding feature, Awesome CRM: seems you have all the necessary tools to manage your contact base and promote your interactive digital magazines.

Time to create more mail template customization as Joomag provides another Awesome Editor to create your campaign newsletters completely from blank and even edit all the system mails to send to your customers.

Four system emails that can totally be edited the way you wish.

  • New issue has been published;

  • Send single issue;

  • Magazine send subscription;

  • Thank you for subscribing.

If you’re not a designer, no worries, you can easily create your own mail template. Even if you lack experience, you can still create high quality, professional emails to send to your customers. Our custom template editor lets you add editable content and image areas, as well as selectable colors and borders. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that whatever you’re building will appear in your customers’ inboxes.

One of the biggest advantages you may make use of is the drag and drop format. It allows you to enrich your mail template with simply adding texts, text boxes, image cards, buttons, social follow links and even magazines.

It is pretty easy, you simply drop the element into the place you want to modify then save your edits. Ability to edit texts and imagery is beneficial and even enjoyable.

Your custom templates can be used enabling you to promote your publications with minimum effort.

It is really Awesome!

We do hope that we will soon get a big thumbs up to Joomag R&D team for making this process painless, interesting, easy and user-friendly.

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