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Native Android App

native android app

Great news!!! Guys we have released our Android native application.

Now you may find us not only in Apple Store but on Google Play as well.

Joomag’s Native Android App

Rush to download the App and access your favorite titles in split seconds. Effortlessly enjoy thousands of interactive magazines for free, ‘Explore’ to navigate Popular, Featured, Newly Arrived Magazines, search for titles and shift through our Newsstand Categories, share your favorite magazines online. Save your favorite publications to your Library and read it anytime on your device.

Preview all the magazine pages through a grid format and skip to your desired page, follow the % load icon to see how far your magazine has loaded.

Another awesome opportunity available with our App is In – App purchase. Earn extra commission on your paid subscriptions via the new released Android App.

Impatient to try it out? Download the app from here. Once you launch it, just enter your Joomag account details and enjoy!

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