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Digital Publishing Made Even Easier

go live

We listen, we work hard to improve our platform, we make your publishing life easier. These are Joomag’s 3 commandments. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that we’ve simplified the entire publishing process for you!

Joomag’s New Publishing Wizard

Now, when you’re done creating your publication with Joomag, you will see a “Go Live” button. Click on it to begin the all new, streamlined publishing process.

publishing wizard

Privacy settings

Once you do so, you’ll then be able to select from our 4 different privacy options:

  • Anyone (public)

  • Anyone with the link

  • Only people I choose (private)

  • Only people with password

link privacy

If you want to publish to the Joomag Newsstand, select “Anyone”. You will be asked to enter in your magazine information if you haven’t done so already. Once you’ve done that, you will see the URLs for the desktop, iOS app, and Android app versions of your publication for you to easily view and share.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Share your Publications to Different Social Media Sites

Next, you’ll be able to share your link to different social media sites including LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook with a click of a button.

You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Joomag account. Why? Because then your publication and all future publications will be shared automatically on Twitter and Facebook when you set them as live on Joomag. It’s a great way to increase online exposure because your content has the potential to be seen by your social followers and their friends, too!

social sharing

Embedding and Domain Linking

The final step gives you the option to embed your publication to your website or link your own custom domain to it. By embedding your publication, you drive traffic to your content more easily. Readers can read your publication without leaving your website.

If embedding isn’t your thing, you can also link your publication directly to Joomag or to your unique domain name itself. Both are ideal for branding you publication and making it easier for people to find it on search engines.


Simplicity is key with Joomag’s new publishing procedure. So go ahead, try it out for yourself, and let it help you reach maximum people in minimum time! And tell us what you think by reaching out to our Support team or via our social media channels. For more information check out the video tutorial.

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