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OTF Fonts Come to Joomag!

OTF fonts

A good way to personalize your publication is to make its font unique. But you’ve probably noticed by now that our editor only supports TTF fonts. That’s all changed, though, because we’re delighted to announce that our platform now supports OTF fonts (OpenType format) fonts, too!

Advantages of supporting OTF fonts

What makes these fonts so great in the first place? Well, they can store up to 65,000 characters including special characters, digits, and letters. You’ll also get advanced type options like choosing from old-style or lining figures, unique character sets, and much more. OTF fonts are also very language compatible (like our platform) and support a variety of different mother tongues.

Another cool feature of OTF fonts is that they can be scaled to any size without jeopardizing their legibility. No matter how big or small, your stylish text will be readable on our viewer—guaranteed!

Now complement your digital publications with a font that’s “you” and watch your subscriber base soar!

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