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The Joomag Academy: A Free Digital Publishing Training Course

Joomag Academy

We’re proud to announce that the doors to Joomag Academy have officially opened! What is the Academy exactly? It’s a comprehensive training course that teaches you the ins and outs of Joomag’s online platform. If you’ve always wanted to use Joomag to its fullest but were, let’s say, too intimidated by it, then let the Academy serve as your guide!

Here’s an overview of what each section of the Joomag Academy entails:

Joomag Platform Training

With this course, get the knowledge you need to create interactive digital magazines with Joomag.

Platform training covers:

  • Creation: discover how you can begin creating a publication in 3 unique ways: from scratch, from a template, or from a PDF.

  • Branding: learn how to upload your logo, customize the magazine viewer, and link your own domain.

  • Sharing: once you’ve finished creating your publication, you can then share it via the Joomag Newsstand, social media sites, your very own custom app, and/or embedding.

  • Privacy options: learn how to set different privacy settings for your publications.

  • Analytics: understand how to use and read each of Joomag’s advanced tracking metrics.

  • Subscriber management: familiarize yourself with the different subscription settings for your content and how to use the Awesome CRM to mass mail and manage your subscribers.

  • Selling: learn how you can start selling your publications, create discount coupons, and track your sales all from Joomag’s platform.

  • Collaboration: master how to add and manage multiple users under your account and take teamwork to a whole other level.

Fundamentals of the Crater™ Editor

Use this course to get acquainted with Joomag’s one-of-a-kind Crater™ Editor. The course is designed specifically to cover all the basic and interactive features provided by the Editor and is divided into 3 parts:

  • Introduction: learn how to get to the Crater™ Editor and take a quick tour of where all the editing tools are located.

  • Basic Fundamentals: inserting text, creating lines and shapes, using layers, placing photos—learn how to do it all.

  • Interactive Fundamentals: learn how to use Joomag’s Photo Gallery tool, add audio and video in your publications, create popup media, add hotspots and hyperlinks, and use all of Joomag’s interactive plugins.

Joomag Platform Certification

Put your newfound knowledge to the test—literally! The certification exam tests you on everything you’ve learned from the Joomag Academy courseware. You’ll have exactly 1 hour to complete the test, which consists of 50 multiple choice questions. If you score a 75% or higher, you’ll officially become Joomag certified and receive your certificate! You can then show off your certificate on your LinkedIn profile and let your friends know that you are a digital publishing expert.

In addition to the Joomag Academy, we’ve also created additional knowledge resources for you. Use them to increase your knowledge of digital publishing and become the legend you were always meant to be.

Joomag Webinar​

Watch a series of highly educational videos that discuss how to get started with Joomag’s platform, how to create a successful free publication, and finally how to create a successful paid publication. Then use that knowledge to get right to work, if you want.

Joomag Email Course

Receive emails and equip yourself with valuable knowledge to create and market your publication effectively with Joomag’s Email course. Discover how to best start your publication, which avenues to distribute it on, and how to track its success. Get to know the perks of embedding, custom domains, SEO, paid advertising, social media distribution, and other methods to help deliver your content on a global scale.

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