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Introducing the New “Spectator” User Type

Spectator user type

The ability to add multiple users to an account for collaborative purposes has always been one of Joomag’s key features.

But we’re taking it a step further. In addition to adding general users under their accounts, publishers can now also add spectators.

Users added as spectators cannot make any changes in the account like general users can; all they can do is view the publications and that’s it.

Adding a spectator is ideal when, for example, you want to give people access to your publication but you don’t want them to be able to edit it. If your company produces a digital shopping catalog for a client, you can add the client as a spectator and have him or her review your work.

We’ve simplified the entire process too. If you’ve added general users to your account before, adding spectators will come as second nature to you. After logging into your Joomag account, click on the “Account Settings” icon on the left toolbar of your “My Magazines” screen. You’ll then need to click on “Users” –> “Add New User.” Enter the person’s name and email address. For “Group,” select the “Spectator” option and then “Create.”

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That’s one new spectator added to your account; add more and let multiple people observe your stellar online publication.

Start creating your digital magazine now! Explore all the awesome tools and features provided by Joomag!

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