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Joomag Receives G2 Crowd’s Coveted Leader Award!

G2Crowd Leader Award

G2 Crowd, the popular business solutions review platform, has placed Joomag on its top 5 list of the best content marketing software of Winter 2018!

G2Crowd Leader Award

As of today, over 90% of users have awarded Joomag a 4.5 rating (out of 5 stars). Reviews on G2 Crowd are aggregated and subsequently run through The Grid – the platform’s flagship scoring algorithm.Products are rated based on two criteria: customer satisfaction (from verified user reviews) and market presence. These benchmarks are then used to plot products into one of four categories, or quadrants, on The Grid. The four quadrants include Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche.

Those who fall into the esteemed Leader quadrant, like Joomag, receive the highest user and market presence scores (alongside a nifty badge).

According to G2 Crowd, products qualify for inclusion in the Content Marketing category if they:

  • Provide features to create and manage different types of marketing content (brochures, product sheets, reports, case studies, etc.)Include workflows and business processes to streamline content marketing activities, as well as promote collaboration and cohesion among marketing teams

  • Allow users to share marketing content on multiple channels (web, social media, etc.) and target customer segments with personalized content

  • Track content performance and interactions between content consumers and the company

  • Optimize marketing content activities based on insights and recommendations on what content works best for which type of customer and/or channel.

THANK YOU to all our beloved users who made this possible! Here’s a quick peek at what they’re saying about our platform:

“I love that the design tools provide templates to help get me started on my projects and that there are tutorial videos at my fingertips to learn quickly when I need to find something new.”

“Our magazine is our revenue engine. It drives everything we do. Joomag gives us a great platform to create and distribute a polished product that makes everything else in our business possible.”

“Joomag gave me instant global distribution and has also allowed me to make a profit on my publication without holding inventory.”

What are you waiting for? Join the G2 Crowd, check out Joomag reviews and tell us what you think!

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