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Manage your Contacts and Subscribers with Joomag’s Awesome CRM Tool


A great online publishing platform needs a great CRM tool. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to the different ways companies oversee and analyze customer interactions and data. Think of it as the central nervous system of any publisher’s business model; CRM tools are necessary because they manage any and all interactions occurring in a business and control many important actions.

We’ve compiled a list of features from Joomag’s Awesome CRM tool. Take a look and see how they can help you manage and interact with your loyal readership with ease!

Customizable Email Templates

Lay the perfect foundation for your mass mailing campaign by choosing from 5 fully customizable templates. Then edit every aspect of it including the header and body. You can even pick from 9 unique content blocks edit your text and add, remove, copy, or drag any content wherever you wish.

Predesigned Email Templates

If you’re looking to save yourself some time and get the ball rolling with your campaign, then our predesigned templates are the perfect choice. Pick one, create your message, drag-and-drop content to it, and make it all your own using our email editor. The email editor also lets you code your own template using a special code editor. It’s a fast, simple, and effective way to start your campaigns.

Grouping Contacts into Lists

No two subscribers are the same. They have unique preferences and will want different types of content from you. That’s why it’s important to group contacts into lists for delivering the right content to the right people. You can do so by grouping readers by the magazine they are subscribed to, by their locations, or by their subscription dates.

And if your reader base won’t stop growing (which is a great problem to have if you’re a publisher), create a custom list for it. With Joomag, you can create a list that updates automatically based on your specifications. Give us the conditions, save the list, and we’ll update it as subscribers match your filters.

Sending Issues

Sending magazine issues to your subscribers is as easy as pie with Joomag’s Awesome CRM. Simply select a contact from your contact list, choose “Send Issue,” and then select the issue you wish to send via a drop-down menu.

Sending Complimentary Subscriptions

If you have advertisers working with you, additional staff, or if you just want to give your existing print and digital subscribers free access to your content, sending a complimentary subscription is the best method for doing so.

Email Campaign Analytics

Receive in-depth reports about your email campaigns, gather valuable data, know what your subscribers like and don’t like, and then use this knowledge to make your future campaigns better. Discover how many of your emails were delivered, how many people opened them, and what percentage of them clicked on embedded links.

Custom Subscribe Forms

Getting subscribers is one thing. Getting to know more about them is another. If you’re looking for more information about your readers (or if you’re looking for new leads), create custom subscription forms. Determine which fields you want in your form and which ones will be mandatory for subscribers to fill in, like phone numbers, occupations, and addresses. And if your goal is to build your reader base before releasing your publication to the public, you can place your custom subscription form on your website.

Exporting Subscribers

We know gaining and keeping subscribers can take a lot of hard work. So losing them is definitely out of the question. That’s why Joomag’s Awesome CRM lets you export your subscribers anytime you want.

Double Opt-in

Joomag lets you enable the double opt-in feature for your free subscriptions! Double opt-in emails are especially handy when you want to ensure your subscriber list is accurate as possible. When you send a double opt-in email to subscribers, all they have to do is confirm it after they’ve initially signed up for your publication. That way you can make sure readers are using their own emails when they subscribe to your content.

Subscriber Analytics

Gathering detailed information about your subscribers is a necessary step towards learning more about their content preferences and, therefore, improving your publications. Joomag’s subscriber analytics, accessed from the Awesome CRM, impart valuable subscriber data to you. You can study your subscribers’ usage behavior including their active subscriptions, which issues they’ve purchased, and which ones they’ve unsubscribed from. Why is this information important? Because you can (and should) use it to find out the optimal ways to reach out to your subscriber base via mass mailing campaigns.


Subscribers are not just any ordinary readers. They are readers who frequently return to your publications because they love your content. If you’re looking to build your subscriber base with Joomag’s Awesome CRM, we recommend you first enable free subscriptions. It’s an easy way to get readers to subscribe without pressuring them to pay for anything. You should also create custom subscription forms to control which kinds of information you want from readers. And finally, embedding your publication on your personal website or blog will undoubtedly help with its exposure and gaining new subscribers.

With an all-in-one CRM tool, Joomag streamlines how you interact with your subscribers while still keeping functionality in mind. Gain subscribers, organize them however you want, and reach out to them efficiently using Joomag’s Awesome CRM!

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