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Joomag’s Content Calendar Checklist! (Part 1)

content calendar

Besides the obvious pun, it’s also true that calendars help keep you “up-to-date.” But in the world of digital publishing, they can do a lot more than that for you and your content. A content calendar helps publishers curate and create content and develop their editorial strategies.

If you’re a digital publisher, you’re investing your time and resources into producing quality content for your audience. And a great publisher (be it one person or a team member) often asks him/herself these questions:

  • What should I write about?

  • How often will I post new content?

  • Which strategy best enables me to reach, understand, and build trust with my audience?

And that’s when the content calendar swoops in to save the day. A content calendar (or editorial calendar) is used by publishers to organize and manage the many stages of content publishing. Its main purpose is to structure the editorial timeline which typically begins with brainstorming publication topics and ends with publishing the finalized content.

Why is having a content calendar a good idea for your publications?

  1. It provides a visual of your overall content strategy and lets you identify gaps in it. You’ll know, for example, when you should and shouldn’t prepare more content.

  2. It lets you schedule publication releases and therefore discover optimal release timings.

  3. It establishes consistency with both your content output and online presence. The two go hand in hand.

  4. It lets you plan any promotional campaigns you may want to conduct before and after your publications’ releases.

  5. It lets you assign different writing tasks to different team members AND acts as a communication hub for them.

Pretty darn handy, huh? A great content calendar consolidates and streamlines multiple publishing processes. It helps curate and create your content and ensures your workflow is as efficient as possible.

If you found this helpful, join us for part 2 where we’ll be going over our content calendar checklist! That way you’ll know if yours has everything it needs to succeed!

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